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Patchwork Fairy Tales

New stories, stitched together with the thread of once upon a time. Welcome to Patchwork Fairy Tales! A collection of inclusive fairy tales and fantasy stories written and recorded to spread old magic in a new way.

Feb 19, 2020

Rule number one: never steal from a faerie...

To celebrate the halfway point of this podcast here is a special episode: the first chapter of my urban fantasy book Coffee and Faerie Cakes, which also works as a short one-shot. So come on over to hear about my nonbinary fae running a coffee shop!  And you can read the...

Feb 5, 2020

A Patchwork Fairy Tale: the one with the ring, the kelpie, and the helpful animals.

A young man grows up with the blessing of the animals that inhabit the beach where he grew up and takes this luck with him on a quest to find the perfect ring to propose to his sweetheart.